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Yeah 2002-07-02 20:15:36
by vahman
This is some funny Shit!

Re: Yeah 2002-07-02 20:47:48
by josh
sigh... i feel pathetic when I laugh at it, but it's so hard not to.
Re: Yeah 2002-07-03 09:20:56
by Anonymous
is it really supposed to be broken to the point of hearing the voice and the fucking thing does nothing else?
Re: Yeah 2002-07-03 10:14:14
by stale
Is it really only like 5 seconds long? Cause if it is, it might be one of the most pointless things I've ever looked at.
Re: Yeah 2002-07-03 12:03:15
by josh
well, it is about 5 seconds long, but it should be more than just a voice. you all do know where that little rhyme is from, don't you?
Re: Yeah 2002-07-04 04:17:21
by caridwen
now i've got this, not so fresh feeling.
Re: Yeah 2002-07-07 22:30:48
by forge
I thought that was because you fucked freak nasty with marasmus for a week ;)