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HyperThreading 2002-06-28 18:14:02
by smokey
Had to share this one. Thought it was pretty bad ass. We got a couple of new servers in that use this technology.
Here's a screen shot of a Dual Processor 1.7GHz Server. See anything strange?

Here's some info from Intel.

Re: HyperThreading 2002-06-29 12:42:33
by marasmus
hyperthreading is, overall, a good idea... but the idea of implementing it on x86 was inspired completely and solely by crack cocaine.
Re: HyperThreading 2002-06-29 18:47:49
by stale
Dude, you're not on downers are you? I read an article on hyperthreading like six months ago man.
Re: HyperThreading 2002-06-29 18:58:42
by smokey
Stale, are you the same guy that asked me how to setup task jobs in win98???
Re: HyperThreading 2002-06-29 22:07:52
by Whitehat
Probably, but at least he has the "spacebar" skeelz down now.
Re: HyperThreading 2002-06-30 00:26:33
by stale
Re: HyperThreading 2002-06-30 13:09:14
by smokey
Hah Ha