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What's up StarTrek? 2002-06-17 21:23:44
by forge
Sometimes it just makes me wonder how people come up with this stuff, but god damn it's the shit.

Re: What's up StarTrek? 2002-06-17 23:17:28
by pogo
Pounds upon pounds of CRACK. Maybe some chronic. definately not booze (for those of us present for the 8-ball incident at strokers). I'll take that back. Maybe marasmus was just looking 'outside the box' or something....
Re: What's up StarTrek? 2002-06-19 22:58:14
by marasmus
So... if they successfully apply this technology, does that mean you can jerk me off from the privacy of your own home? just like teleportin' your hand over here? :)

now, me hitting the 8-ball like it was the cue ball was just pure drunkenness - make no confusion between being drunk and 'thinking outside of the box'!

Officer: "you can't walk a straight line."
Drunk Bastard: "I'm just walking outside of the line, sir!"
Re: What's up StarTrek? 2002-06-20 08:49:36
by pogo
Did you ever see that episode of the simpsons where homer bought the teleporter? He attempted to pee in it.....i could beam you a turd, and as long as they don't have caller id, i'd be safe....unless they dna'ed it and my turd has pogo dna on it...
Re: What's up StarTrek? 2002-06-20 16:03:29
by marasmus
I really worry about you, Pogo.
Re: What's up StarTrek? 2002-06-20 23:29:14
by stale
Just imagine... the 2000 mile away money shot.
Re: What's up StarTrek? 2002-06-24 04:37:53
by caridwen
i'm almost interested enough in what the hell you people are talking about to actually read the article. almost.