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Sweet 2002-06-08 23:33:57
by vahman
For you geeks out there.
This is my new PC. I will see if I can overclock it more when I get a new fan for da processor.

Re: Sweet 2002-06-12 09:22:56
by pondera
Do you really need all that speed to watch porn?
Re: Sweet 2002-06-12 15:39:06
by vahman
Yeah, I like to watch 5 movies at once. Now I have no limits.
Re: Sweet 2002-06-12 17:02:36
by pondera
Good Point! Maybe I should upgrade!?
Re: Sweet 2002-06-14 15:59:12
by marasmus
I think it'd be smarter to write a cycle-stealer for Solaris and put it on university computers around the nation. Get your ass on Internet2 and let the distributed cycle-sucking begin!
Re: Sweet 2002-06-14 17:03:19
by stale
Re: Sweet 2002-06-14 17:07:34
by stale
Re: Sweet 2002-06-14 17:07:46
by stale
2.5.  You expressly permit and authorize Juno to (i) download to your computer one or more pieces of software (the "Computational Software") designed to perform computations, which may be unrelated to the operation of the Service, on behalf of Juno (or on behalf of such third parties as may be authorized by Juno, subject to the Privacy Statement), (ii) run the Computational Software on your computer to perform and store the results of such computations, and (iii) upload such results to Juno's central computers during a subsequent connection, whether initiated by you in the course of using the Service or by the Computational Software as further described below.  In connection with downloading and running the Computational Software, Juno may require you to leave your computer turned on at all times, and may replace the "screen saver" software that runs on your computer while the computer is turned on but you are not using it.  The screen saver software installed by Juno, which may display advertisements or other images chosen by Juno, is an integral part of the Computational Software and you agree not to take any action to disable or interfere with the operation of either the screen saver software or any other component of the Computational Software.  Juno may set different requirements for different subscribers with respect to the Computational Software (including without limitation whether use of the Computational Software is required and the volume of computations required to be performed) depending on service level or other factors we determine.  You agree that, as between you and Juno, you shall be responsible for any costs or expenses resulting from the continuous operation of your computer, including without limitation any associated charges for electricity, and that you shall have sole responsibility for any maintenance or technical issues that might result from such continuous operation.  You agree that, as between you and Juno, Juno shall have sole rights to the results of any computations performed by the Computational Software, including without limitation any revenues or intellectual property generated directly or indirectly as a result of such computations, without further compensation to you.  If your usage of the Service is infrequent, Juno's ability to obtain the results of completed computations may be impaired.  Consequently, you expressly permit and authorize Juno to initiate a telephone connection from your computer to Juno's central computers using a dial-in telephone number you have previously selected for accessing the Service; Juno agrees that it shall exercise such right only to the extent necessary, as determined in Juno's sole discretion, to upload the results of completed computations to Juno in a timely fashion; and you agree that, as between you and Juno, you shall be responsible for any costs and expenses (including without limitation any applicable telephone charges) resulting from the foregoing.  Any software, data, or other materials downloaded to your computer in connection with the activities described in this Section 2.5 will not be used to collect personal Identifier Information (as defined in the Privacy Statement) from your computer and will comply with Juno's privacy policies, as reflected in the Privacy Statement.  You agree that you will not attempt to reverse engineer any such software, data, or other materials or transfer or disclose any such software, data, or other materials, or the results of any such computations, to any third party.  You acknowledge that your compliance with the requirements of this Section 2.5 may be considered by Juno to be an inseparable part of the Service, and that any interference with the operation of the Computational Software (including, but not limited to, any failure to leave your computer turned on to whatever extent Juno requires of subscribers at your service level) may result in termination or limitation of your use of the Service.  You acknowledge that Section 6 of this Agreement shall expressly apply to the activities described in this Section 2.5.
Re: Sweet 2002-06-14 17:08:12
by stale
Dude, I'm entirely shit-for-brains today, I swear.
Re: Sweet 2002-06-14 17:15:08
by forge
You fuckin' fuck.