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Booty Call Not Included. 2002-05-27 03:15:34
by caridwen
I've decided to go back to Florida. More likely then not said visit shall fall between September and March, depending on how the shit hits the fan. I'd show up earlier, but I'm po', trying to go to school and plot out how to take over the world all at the same time. I'd also like to avoid the steaming hell you people seem to call summer.

So all in favor of lending me a couch at some point, raise your mu'fucking hands and give Meg some lovin'.


Re: Booty Call Not Included. 2002-05-27 10:30:10
by marasmus
As far as weather goes, I'd highly recommend november. Reason is that september's still insanely hot, october isn't sure whether it wants to be hot or cold (you can go from 50 degrees one day to 90 degrees the next), and everything after that is just beautiful. though november is a little rainier than the rest of the year. might be a good thing.

The living situation here is currently on the very-complicated side. I may be able to shack you up, but I really don't know at this point.
Re: Booty Call Not Included. 2002-05-27 13:07:10
by Anonymous
I won't be living at home then. And about 2 1/2 hours from every one else.
Re: Booty Call Not Included. 2002-06-06 08:12:55
by Anonymous
You should try the Salvation Army Shelter. You would fit right in.