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Passwords.... 2002-05-20 23:37:28
by pogo
Well most of you know my scheme for passwords and the nature of how they, so you people will find this amusing. For everyone else, i'm sorry, but you won't really understand.

certain services were recently made unavailable to me via my isp, and so i called on several occaisions about it. Well tonight, I came in contact with a woman who was very good at her job ( most people are lame ). Anyway, she was going to reset my password, and asked for it ( I still don't understand why, but whatever ) and i actually had to give it to her....i couldn't stop laughing. i had to pass the phone off to my girlfriend so she could finish the tech call. Ooops.

Anyway. everything is fixed and i'm a fluke in the system, which makes me feel good. I like to be a fluke. Oh, and for those crazies who thought they would like to uncap the cable modems, i read an article about a windows app which will perform the entire thing for you. The article also states that if they CATCH you uncapping the modem to some SUPER speed, you will most likely be banned for life. Anyway, have a good night dreaming about what passwords and what people would think if they had to hear them....

Re: Passwords.... 2002-05-21 19:18:27
by marasmus
bahahahah!!! I can see it now:

Tech Support: So what do you want your new password to be?
Pogo: yourmomlikes(bahahah)itbetterwith(bahahaha)analbeads
Tech Support: I'm sorry, I didn't catch that. Could you say it again?

Heheh... exacting revenge on tech support by having really rude passwords is a great idea! I think I'm going to change my password to "PokeOutYourEyesWithAPitchforkYouNoGoodWasteOfTimeTechSupportMonkey". After all, EVERYONE hates tech support.
Re: Passwords.... 2002-05-22 09:27:56
by stale
You remember my evil plot I had when they were sniffing my passwords at work right?

"Frank, can you explain why your password is 'ChadHasUglyKids'?"