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Go Sony! 2002-05-20 13:58:27
by stale
And how much money did Sony spend on this compaign?

Re: Go Sony! 2002-05-20 18:46:13
by Anonymous
You can make an exact copy of my former beard on a picture of any person with a permanent marker....
Re: Go Sony! 2002-05-21 17:39:21
by marasmus
There are people out in the world, dead-set to change the way things are done. They are certain that they can control the rampant music and film 'piracy' going on in every house on every street in every city across the world. These people are known as complete fucking idiots.

The will of millions, billions of consumers to circumvent or completely destroy a copy-protection mechanism will always win over the will of the few who create it. It's purely a matter of numbers. Ten people can build a wall, but a Hundred people will tear it down much faster than it can be rebuilt.

This is a very silly game by some very delusional idiots who think that their half-assed effort, martyrdom, and precedent-making will lead to consumers completely giving up every right they might ever have to use something they have bought. The day I buy a CD that doesn't play in my car CD player or one of my computers is the day that some poor, unsuspecting cashier learns exactly what copy-protected CDs taste like.

"Daddy, if I had nuts on my chin, would they be called chin-nuts?"
"Naw bitch, that'd be a dick in yo mouf!"
Re: Go Sony! 2002-05-21 22:52:55
by Anonymous
Word to that. It reminds me of the time I defeated my Shaquille O'Neil CD's "suck mechanism" by breaking the CD in half. -Chris. It rocks to be unregistered.
Re: Go Sony! 2002-05-22 09:29:23
by stale
"Can we rock, what's up doc? Can we rock..."

Why'd you break up such a classic cd?
Re: Go Sony! 2002-05-25 22:30:18
by Anonymous
For one, it's amusement factor had completely vanished, and it was scratched beyond reparation, for the most part. Furthermore, I can always resort to other (better) Shaq sell-out memorabilia, like Shaq Fu and Kazaam. - Chris