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Topic: Why doesn't the Vermont Teddybear Company have a "Paraplegic Bear" in a wheelchair? More news at 8..... 2000-05-10 23:20:00
by forge
Hey guys, don't all jump up at once to welcome the Forge back after so long. Anyhow, I've been rather pissed off lately and here is an exerpt from an earlier conversation with none other then the infamous Stalemeat. Enjoy. ~GO~ Ya know, it's annoying when people whine 'cause they think they have too much shit to deal with, and you tell them that they can't even speak and they ask you why and you just own them, I'm sick of fuckers making me remember all shit from my past *grrr* they ought to have handicapped spots that just explode "Parking for the Tactfully Impared only" thats it......and BOOM no more cocksuckers in abundance ~STOP~ I hope you've all thoroughly enjoyed my little tangent, if not, then piss off 'cause it's just one more thing i dont really care about. Good might, farewell, so long, and...with as little dignity possible: shut the fuck up and have a nice day. :) I leave with this questions in everybodies minds- if you were jerkin' off on the jungle gym, and your sister's hanging in the attic, why does mommy fuck the milkman?