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Pop Disaster? 2002-05-15 00:39:16
by pogo
First off, I'm stating right now, Jimmy Eat World sucks live. I saw them at the warped tour and now this and they suck live.

Now I complain about blink 182. WHAT THE FUCK kind of crap is that? Think the songs on the radio are gay, they needed a fire hose live.

Ok, so what about Greenday? They rule. They always seem to put on a damn good show. How many bands do you know that pull fans out of the crowd and let them play a song? Just a killer show.

But my main beef isn't with the show. It isn't about the security, or the setup. It is with idiot people. You don't mosh 12 year old girls. That doesn't make you cool. Pushing through the crowd and getting mad when they push you back isn't cool either. I expected to be pushed around, and I know _EVERYONE_ does. If you push a girl, and she pushes back, YOU REALLY DON'T NEED TO BREAK HER NOSE. That wins you the ass hole of the year award. I'm just amazed at how many stupid people there seems to be floating around our county. Some guy said these kids wouldn't make it at a PANTERA concert. No shit. This also isn't a PANTERA concert so you don't need to act like it is.

Well maybe I'm wrong and breaking girls faces is cool. Maybe you should smash little kids. For those of you asking, why I didn't bash the fuck out of the guy who broke some girls nose, I'll tell you. I was about to, when he looked me in the eyes. Like Hell I'm fighting a dood who is high. I'm not a complete idiot....

Well, good night to all. And don't forget to see spider man ;-P.