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Winamp 2002-05-08 18:37:27
by smokey
hmmmmm... not sure if i was paying attention that closely, but i think winamp threw a couple of AOL shortcuts on my box when i installed it the other day. what the hell's up wit dat.

though, they do have beta 3 out and it looks pretty cool. i was play'n some mpegs on my buddies pc the other day in it and the shit actually worked w/o fuck'n up the resolution.

back to the whole AOL thing. now that they got one of the biggest broadband providers, i think those nazis are trying to buy up some open source products and release an internet pc. non-ms

Re: Winamp 2002-05-09 11:29:33
by stale
Dude, the Winamp AOL shortcuts have been there for like so many versions. You know AOL bought them like a long time ago, right?
Re: Winamp 2002-05-09 14:56:29
by smokey
sure didn't, i haven't updated in a while.