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penile penitration of your face 2000-05-09 15:02:00
by pogo
Would you like to die from cock slap death? Now this is an interesting article.

Why is it people can't wait 30 seconds? Is there some magical force field pushing their car at 40mph in a 30 mph zone at a 1 ton bob cat driving 3 mph max? Do they really just wanna die? Or is my theory women can't drive almost 100% accurate? Come on, really, who do you think would win, me in the bob cat driving in the proper lane, or the lady in the SUV attempting to hit me? we'd both die, so it is totally useless for her to attempt to push me off the road. Besides, That thing is fucking crazy as hell to drive :) Fun too!

Any way, I feel an urge to re-install odigo, examine the rest of the program, and then rat them out! :)

pogo signing off, all pissed off, with a rusty ax in hand.....