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Heh 2002-05-03 00:14:18
by vahman
Back on the Internet at the new house. With a nice little Linksys wireless router provided by the trusy Corporation. Marasmus got hooked up as well.

I will take some pics of the new Pad as soon as Marasmus hooks me up with his digital camera.

My car is also running better thanks to Stale's tools.

I guess this post is just a thanks to Stale and much thanks to Marasmus to all there help lately. This Bud's for you!

Re: Heh 2002-05-03 00:50:32
by stale
No pro'lem bro. You now know what it's like to own a Camaro. When the fuck you gonna bring my tools back and get a copy of Dungeon Siege?
Re: Heh 2002-05-03 08:49:53
by marasmus
prolly when i dig them out of the garage :) So what's the dilly on you hookin' up a classic ride?
Re: Heh 2002-05-03 10:32:56
by stale
It's happenin' soon. I just gotta work out a loan wit' someone and it's awn. Late 60's Firebird or Camaro for me.
Re: Heh 2002-05-03 12:02:19
by smokey
Damn, I'm gonna have to swing back to FL and check it out. Lemme know when you get one.