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Woah.... 2002-05-02 17:02:11
by pogo
Now ain't this some FUCKED up shit?

Re: Woah.... 2002-05-02 17:21:04
by stale
Lesbian ass principal. It's a good thing that nobody's parents ever got mad at me for doing that kinda shit... oh.
Re: Woah.... 2002-05-02 20:25:58
by marasmus
Umm.... I remember one particular person's parents who did get mad (in advance) for doing that kinda shit (and then some).... :)
Re: Woah.... 2002-05-03 00:11:41
by vahman
Am I the only one who wants to go back to high school after reading this?
Re: Woah.... 2002-05-03 00:52:39
by stale
Marasmus: You talkin' about that incident on new years?
Re: Woah.... 2002-05-03 01:01:46
by stale
Wait... not new years, Roach's party, right?
Re: Woah.... 2002-05-03 21:47:37
by forge
shit, clearwater high's right down 60.
i could totally swing by for lunch when they get outta school and tap some uh dat ayass

i keep getting older, but highschool girls stay the same age =)

Re: Woah.... 2002-05-04 04:08:40
by smokey
Re: Woah.... 2002-05-07 17:46:43
by stale