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American Waste 2002-04-30 10:37:41
by stale
Alright, I don't know about the rest of the people that read this board, but ever since I was able to comprehend my surroundings I was able to fully understand that cats and dogs do not get along. Now, for some reason, this complete waste of American oxygen and soil wants to be compensated in a court of law because his "Assistance dog" was attacked by a cat. What the fuck did he expect to happen when he brought said dog near said cat?! I personally think the cat attacked the wrong animal.

Re: American Waste 2002-04-30 10:38:18
by stale
And what the fuck is a hidden disability?
Re: American Waste 2002-04-30 10:55:20
by smokey
Erectile Dysfunction, I thought you new about that one.
Re: American Waste 2002-04-30 11:06:04
by stale
Re: American Waste 2002-04-30 15:18:31
by vahman
Ok, this world has gone too far. "Hate Crime"! In my opinion, if this "disabled" gentleman can get his dog to testify in court, and explain exactly what happened, and why he should not have been attacked, then he has a case. But, for some odd reason, the dog can't talk. Probably because he is an instictual animal, and can't possibly either commit or be a victim of a hate crime.

A mouse is not a minority in a snake's cage, it is dinner. If this dumbshit cannot see that, then he needs to be sentenced to death by an arsenic penile implant for stupidity.

Re: American Waste 2002-04-30 23:27:28
by scrantoine