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and now for something... 2002-04-23 11:22:39
by pogo
Completely different.

First surfing my regular sites, i found a url to this interesting image... Atila from put it best with "Cristie Kerr has won a golf tournament and she was given a trophy. The designer of it must have been a visionary, or he had a dirty mind, or maybe *I* just have a dirty mind or all of the above ;)". It sure is funny.

Next we have DUNGEON SIEGE . I suggest you all get a copy. It has to be the best game i've played in a really long time. I'm still playing it after four days ( which is amazing, usually i play it for two hours and get bored ).

Finally, I regret to inform you that I am entirely _WAY_ behind schedule on my next game. Code cleanup was looking good, i've fixed many problems you all presented to me ( bpp problems, etc) and was on my way to adding new features when i got hammered with physics crap and dungeon siege. I'm sorry. I hope to be back on track next week and adding sound and net play. Oh yah, and i've convinced myself to make sure it works on linux natively. Which also means, when i get around to firing up the macs, dec, etc, it should in theory run on them as well.

Your bestest friend/mooch,


Re: and now for something... 2002-04-23 13:16:12
by stale
I've been playing Dungeon Siege for like a week straight! Granted, Microsoft basically ripped off Diablo and combined it with Asheron's Call, but it still rocks.

Oh, and since when do they give out dildos to people who win at golf?
Re: and now for something... 2002-04-24 10:12:21
by pogo
Came across this via retrogames. Some crazy mike tyson's punch out metal song . The band seems to play only nintendo songs in a nice metal style.
Re: and now for something... 2002-04-24 10:28:17
by marasmus
we're into metal.... METAL FUCKING METAL!
Re: and now for something... 2002-04-24 12:39:54
by Pogo
we're also into 8==W==D
Re: and now for something... 2002-04-24 23:49:40
by stale
OMG! This metal nintendo shit is SO cool. *throws the goat*