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The reason I exist 1999-12-25 11:30:00
by marasmus
It's christmas day in the christian world, and the reason I exist is to sit at work at an underappreciated, underpaid job and act as if i couldn't monitor this entire network from home, like i did last christmas. I'll do this again tomorrow, on new years eve, and on new years day. I'm apparently an over- committed person, because anyone holding a thread of sanity would walk out on the job, especially if they had no plans on staying at the job for two more weeks anyways. For some reason I remain here, casually monitoring the network, wishing i had a binge to fill, like alcohol, or heroin. But, much to my bored demise, i have no such binges. An overtalented programmer is doing undertalented babysitting of NT machines for a corporate ex-convict jew with a really shitty attitude. Is there a conflict of solid ideals here? Thought so.

  I'm looking for a job where you actually get a raise when you've been with the company for almost a year and a half. I'm looking for a job that involves raises and bonuses for being the only ingenious character to fix numerous security problems, and babysitting the main programmers and fixing their code. I'm looking for a job where I can actually run a workstation that I get to build myself and configure myself. I'm not a sales monkey at Tech Data... I'm a hardc0re techie and programmer who wants to do something somewhat useful. Anything beyond babysitting. Extensive knowledge of hardware assembly, repair, and diagnostics, extensive Windows 3.x/95/98/NT3.5x/NT4, unix, linux, and Mac workstation and server experience, programming experience in like 6 languages, and the ability to learn anything spontaneously really doesn't merit the idea of babysitting the big red button on a bunch of shitty NT servers. Customers who can't properly dial a phone number also fall just a little out of my range of patience. Perhaps i should be regretful that I'm capable of doing more? No, I'm following the opinion that someone else can manage to help these people other than myself, while I work on the things they couldn't imagine doing because they flat out can't. Well i think that's enough of a rant for now. Please die. Thank you.