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Linux Kernel: SuperTrak Driver

Promise SuperTrak SX6000 Native Kernel Driver

We bought a Promise SuperTrak SX6000 card with the intention of using it to run the main file server for VectorStar Networks. We found Promise's supplied "linux kernel driver" to be much less than we expected. We needed a native kernel driver that would let us boot directly from a RAID array. So, we took their source code and turned it into an actual kernel patch. PLEASE be aware of the following:
  • Promise's SuperTrak driver uses its own funky I2O code.
  • We have made some minor efforts to clean this code up to remove conditional sections for 2.2.x and 2.0.x kernels. Other than that, we haven't really changed or optimized this driver in any way. It could use a lot of work!
  • This driver doesn't have spectacular performance. Our own testing shows a 4-drive RAID-5 array (with 32mb cache) to be 15% faster than just a single drive running on an Ultra DMA-33 channel.
  • Promise does NOT support this patch. Hell, they don't even support their own kernel code release!
Keep in mind that you're using this completely at your own risk!
Okay, you've been warned. :)


Download for Kernel 2.4.20: