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AeroMail 2.x

***** NOTE *****
The official project site can be found at This is my little mini-page dedicated to my favorite webmail package.

Back in the original 1.x releases, I worked a little bit with Mark Cushman on Aeromail 1.30 through 1.45. I also maintained my own branch of each release that contained numerous different features, such as cookie (php session) support and SSL IMAP support, among other things. I'm very happy to say that the days of maintaining a separate branch are over!

I've been working a lot with Dion Nicolaas, the maintainer of AeroMail 2.x. Essentially every change I had made in my branches, plus many more, have been greatly improved and added into versions 2.30 and above. Please go to the main project site at for the latest release.

Here are a few screenshots of 3 different themes, to give you a feel of AeroMail's layout and some of the default color themes: Links:
Mark Cushman's Aeromail 1.x Page - The original author of Aeromail.
Dion Nicolaas' Aeromail 2.x site - The current maintainer of the official Aeromail distribution.